Training Services

During our early education, most of us were thrilled to read our first book, to write our name and to tackle multiplication tables. We understood that eventually mastering the 3 Rs meant that we would be clearing another hurdle that separated us from adulthood. Learning techniques often involved sheer repetition and memorization to confidently recall pertinent facts such as the names of the planets in our solar system.

As adult learners, however, we need different motivation and techniques to effectively learn. Thus adult training must be:

  • Relevant Before investing time and energy adult learners want to clearly understand the practicality of new knowledge
  • Riveting Actual lessons must hold the attention of adult learners who prefer hands-on participation to burn powerful lessons learned into their minds
  • Retentive Visual models and mnemonic techniques help adults playback abstract concepts often associated with adult learning topics such as interpersonal skills
  • Reinforced Clear expectations and accountability to apply new skills is critical for motivating adults to learn
  • Ready for the Real World Adults need immediate opportunities to apply what they learn

Prior to each learning experience, it makes sense for the student, their manager and the trainer to briefly discuss the 5 Rs of adult learning to ensure a plan is in place for an effective experience.

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